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Plum pox virus (PPV)

Lateral Flow Immunochromatography

Plum pox virus (PPV)
Taxonomic group:


Plum pox virus (PPV)
Type of detection:
Type of test:
Quick test
Type of method:
Lateral Flow Immunochromatography
Description of the test:
PPV AgriStrip is a rapid assay for the detection of Plum pox virus (PPV). The PPV AgriStrip is a lateral-flow immunochromatographic test based on an antigen-antibody reaction that is initiated by inserting the strip into the sample extract. The sample liquid migrates upwards and red colored lines will become visible within a few minutes. Both test and control lines become visible with positive extracts (containing PPV), whereas negative samples produce only the upper control line. Intense coloration is reached within 10 – 15 min and the result can be registered. Dried test strips can be kept as permanent records.
Type of sample:
Blossom; symptomatic leaves; petioles
Number of target:
Plum pox virus (PPV)
Available extraction method:
Place a piece of 2.5 x 3 cm of leaf (that is approx. 0.15 g) or three blossoms in an extraction bag, then add 3 ml of extraction buffer B with a disposable pipette. Grind the tissue with a handheld homogenizer on a flat surface with few movements for not more than 3-4 seconds to obtain an 1:20 (w/v) extract.
Available extraction method PDF:
The rapid assay PPV AgriStrip is produced by BIOREBA for identification of PPV (Sharka) in Prunus sp. showing symptoms such as chlorotic spots, blotches, bands, rings or line patterns on leaves. Later symptoms include uneven ripening, blotching and rings on fruits. The concentration of PPV in tissues of fruit trees may vary considerably. For example, in peach and abricot trees, the concentration varies even within the same leaf.
EPDIA validation datasheet:
Other validation data:
- TPS within the Valitest project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°773139.
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Product code:
150581 (AgriStrip PPV – Complete kit 25); 150582 (AgriStrip PPV – Set 25); 150583 (AgriStrip PPV – Set 100);
Available kit format:
25 reactions; 100 reactions
Set contains:
- EA AgriStrip strips packed with desiccant bags
- AgriStrip extraction buffer B

Complete kit cointains:
- EA AgriStrip strips packed with desiccant bags
- AgriStrip extraction buffer B
- Pipettes, disposable
- Extraction bags Universal
- Cuvettes, displosable
- Cuvette rack

Note: the rubber hammer is not included
Other information:
Hygiene measures: To avoid spread of the pathogen, all disposables (extraction bags, pipettes, and cuvettes) must be properly disinfected. This can be done by submerging for at least 60 min in a freshly prepared 0.1 % bleach solution (sodium hypochlorite). After that, this material can be disposed of according to local regulations. Please contact local phytosanitary authorities for specific recommendations.

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